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why you need a social media strategy

January 30, 2011

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If you are a small business interested in pursuing social media to market or brand your business, it is important that you develop a strategy for doing so. A strategy will help you accomplish three important things:

1. Establish your goals

The core of a social media strategy is the development of clear goals – what you want your social media use to achieve. Your strategy will then be designed to reach these goals. Make sure that everyone involved in the implementation of the social media plan has a thorough understanding of the goals to ensure that your company’s social media engagement on track.

2. Create a genuine voice

As more customers become more accustom to communicating with businesses through social media, their expectations will increase. It is important that your company use a real voice – do not try to be something you are not! Social media presents an opportunity to engage your customers, make sure you are speaking to them in a way that will support your other marketing efforts.

3. Manage time commitments

Engaging in social media takes time to do well. Being honest about how much time you have to dedicate to various applications is an important part of the planning process. Do not try to do too much. Knowing how much time you have available will allow your company to determine how much you can take on and which tools are most essential to your strategy.

The more you know about your business before developing a social media strategy, the stronger your engagement will be. For further reading, I recommend Small Business Trend’s article: 9 Things to do Before Entering Social Media, which provides a comprehensive list of things to consider that will make your strategy more meaningful.

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