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Managing Multiple Accounts

February 10, 2011

Small businesses have a lot on their plate. Adding social media to the mix may seem like an overwhelming task. If you’re committed to engaging in social media but aren’t sure how to manage your time a Social Media Management System may be a tool for you.

There are many options available. One I like is HootSuite. The company offers a basic account (free), and a premium account ($5.99/month) for users needing more information. If you’re just starting out, HootSuite is a great way to manage your social media accounts and see how they are performing. If the basic account becomes too limited, the premium account is an affordable upgrade.

HootSuite links to your existing social media profiles and allows you to view them all from one application. You can view activity and post updates. Using a social media management system is an efficient way to meet the goals you’ve established in your social media strategy.

Additional benefits of HootSuite include being able to manage multiple accounts from the same platform such as several Twitter feeds or Facebook pages. It also allows you to schedule posts, which lets you plan ahead when you have time. HootSuite also provides statistics (that are more detailed with the premium account).

Do you use a tool to manage your social media accounts?

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