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monitoring your brand online

February 27, 2011

Your social media strategy is done. You have created profiles on your selected platforms and developed content to post consistently – you’re well on your way to establishing meaningful engagement with your customers! But have you thought about what’s going on beyond the applications you’ve selected? The internet is a big place, how can you efficiently find your customers, and most importantly, what are they saying?

There are numerous tools out there that help bring this information to you and I encourage you to do your research to find a tool that will meet your needs. Today I’m going to talk about one such tool, Social Mention.

Social Mention claims to be like Google Alerts, but for social media. The site provides an easy to use search bar that allows you to search for keywords. Social Mention can also narrow your search to specific platform types such as blogs or networks.

Search results are displayed and analyzed by sentiment, keyword, users, hash tags and sources. Social Mention is a basic tool that gives you a decent overview of your company’s online presence, whether it’s created by you or someone else. The service is free and doesn’t require software downloads.

Social Mention is a tool that is useful for companies with limited resources because it doesn’t require an investment. It’s easy to use interface is user-friendly making it a great solution for small business owners who are comfortable using online tools and for those who are just testing the waters.

Do you monitor your customers or brand online? What tools do you use?

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